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Radiant Floor

Radiant floor heating installation in Greater Montreal

If you’re building your dream home in the Montreal area or planning major renovation work, have you considered installing heated floors? Still not well known, this type of heating lets you pamper your feet while providing several other advantages. At Confort Expert, we have all the required know-how to help you upgrade to this new level of well-being.

How it works

There are various types of heated flooring systems. Our experts specialize in installing electrical circuits embedded throughout your floor covering. This in-floor system delivers radiant heat that flows upwards through the entire flooring surface.

Completely invisible, this type of in-floor heating can be embedded for use with various floorcovering materials, such as carpet, linoleum, slate and floating floors. Above all, ceramic tiling is a great choice, as you can enjoy its classic charm while keeping your feet toasty.

Advantages of heated floors

Contrary to what you might believe, heated flooring is far from costly as an electric heat source. It works in tandem with your primary heating system, helping to create an environment where the heat is pleasantly consistent.

In addition, eliminating the sensation of walking on a cold surface reduces your desire for needlessly high thermostat settings. This benefit has resulted in significantly lower electricity costs for many owners. In fact, some rooms need only this one heat source to warm the space.

Heated floors also offer the following significant advantages:

  • It’s noiseless and odourless
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It takes up no space, making furniture placement a cinch
  • It increases your property value

And the benefits don’t stop there. Combined with a smart thermostat, your heated floors give you peak luxury. When you come home from a long day outside, you want to find your home welcoming and cozy. You can use your smartphone to turn on your in-floor heating ahead of your arrival. To see even higher savings on your electrical bill, you can program your thermostat to correspond to your wake and sleep cycles.

Professional installation

Installing heated floors with electric wiring, without question, requires a skilled and qualified hand to ensure safety and top performance. At Confort Expert, we’re fully licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). For professional results in Montreal and the surrounding area, give our expert team a call. Contact us today.


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