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Heat Pump

Heat Pump and Other Heating Systems in Greater Montreal

When it comes to heating your home with a central or wall-mounted heat pump in Montreal Metropolitan Area and its surroundings, Confort Expert is the specialist you should trust. No one is better informed than our qualified energy experts; they can help you choose the best heat pump to meet your needs.


A heat pump is an appliance that moves heat. During the winter months, the heat pump finds and catches heat from the outside, even in temperatures as low as -12°C to -15°C (some models extract heat in even lower temperatures). The heat is then introduced inside the home. During the summer months, it’s the opposite: the heat pump captures the hot air inside and sends it outside. Heating and air conditioning experts agree: it really is a clever system. In Quebec, heat pumps are used in a beneficial, dual-energy manner, with a backup system that takes over in extremely cold weather.

At Confort Expert, our heat pumps are among the most powerful models available. We work with renowned brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, York, and Amana, which rank among the best heat pumps on the market today.


People who live in homes with a 100% electric heating system or with a central system that runs on natural gas or fuel oil can save a considerable amount of money and energy by installing a heat pump.

Would you like to know whether a heat pump can be installed in your home? Get in touch with Confort Expert. We will:

  • Send one of our energy experts to visit you to give you a free estimate
  • Provide you with advice about the best heat pumps for your needs
  • Provide you with a free quote, with no obligation to buy

The energy experts that work on our consulting teams will provide you with the best heat pump solutions for premium comfort, year-round.


Buying a heat pump requires a sensible investment that will quickly pay for itself. Combined with an electric hot air unit, your heat pump should allow you to reduce your annual heating bill by approximately 30%. Combined with a fuel oil hot air unit – or a dual-energy system – your heat pump can allow you to save more than 45% on your heating costs*. Here are four benefits that you’ll get with a quality heat pump:

  1. Better energy performance in the winter (heat) and summer (air conditioning)
  2. Lower annual heating costs (Take advantage of special Hydro-Québec rates for users with dual-energy systems)
  3. Fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful to the environment
  4. A clean and safe heating solution

* Savings calculation based on a fuel oil heating system where fuel oil costs $1.00 per litre, on average.

Confort Expert is an industry leader when it comes to selling, installing and servicing heat pumps in Montreal and the surrounding areas. To find out more, call us or visit our showroom in Anjou, near Autoroute 40.






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