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Electrical installations for swimming pools and spas in Greater Montreal

Electricity swimming pool and spa piscine
Do you want to install a swimming pool in your yard so you can cool off on hot summer days? Or perhaps you’d like a spa to warm up in during the long winter months? In either case, installing the needed electrical wiring is no small task. In fact, as you likely know, water and electricity don’t mix. To ensure your pool or spa is safe and to code, turn to the electricians at Confort Expert. We’re available to assist you with projects in Montreal and the surrounding area.


Wiring for swimming pools and spas

In Quebec, all electrical work must be carried out by a certified professional. That’s why each of our experts administered a rbq license from the Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec (CMEQ).

Among other things, our electricians know that the wiring for pools and spas must be connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and installed an appropriate distance from the water (the precise distance depends on whether the cables are above or below ground). Additionally, they have the experience to work around different yard layouts and conform to your municipality’s specific regulations. At Confort Expert, our electricians take care of everything.

Electricity swimming pool and spa piscine


Electrical equipment installations

In order to work, swimming pools and spa needs an assortment of complex equipment, including:

  • A chlorinator or saltwater system to regulate the water’s pH level and keep it from turning green
  • A pump and filter to purify the water and remove debris (sand, leaves, insects, etc.)
  • A lighting system so that you can swim safely at night
  • A heat pump (pool heater) that will allow you to enjoy your pool longer and more often and the heating elements to enjoy your spa all year round.

Schedule a service call with our electricians in the Great Montreal to ensure your spa or pool heater and other equipment is correctly installed.

Trust our experts with the electrical work for your pool or spa

Whether you live in Montreal and surroundings, our team can handle any installation that requires electricity for your above-ground or in-ground pool or spa. This includes, among other things, connecting your heater so that the water is always an ideal temperature. At Confort Expert, our electricians are committed to meeting the highest quality and safety standards when it comes to working with electricity. Contact us today to request a free quote.


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