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Installing an appliance is a critical step. Having the best product is of no use if it is poorly installed. Your appliance’s running, efficiency, maintenance and life span depend on the skill of the professionals who install it.

Our standards of excellence are high when it comes to installing our appliances. Our installers are carefully selected and trained according to our requirements, in order to guarantee the quality of the job done in your home. We always abide by good engineering practice and our installations follow the highest standards in the business. In certain cases, our requirements are stricter than laws or standards in effect.

To ensure the job is well done, we do numerous random technical inspections throughout the year to check the quality of our central heating and cooling appliance installation.

There are many ways to replace or add a new appliance in your home. In any case, we will suggest the simplest way, best adapted to your needs, so that your new appliance is as efficient as possible, and that you are comfortable. Moreover, if we think installing an appliance is too dangerous, we would rather tell you outright and not start the work.

Confort Expert has the following certifications:

MaitresElectriciens cmmtq  cetaf

Because we care about your safety and the efficiency of our products.


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