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Technicien réparant une unité de ventilation

Why you should invest in a protection plan for your heating and cooling appliances

Investing in a protection plan for heating and cooling appliances like central heat pumps and electric furnaces is a worthwhile investment. The HVAC specialists at Confort Expert in the Greater Montreal and the Gatineau area have over 30 years of experience helping customers throughout Quebec keep their homes safe and comfortable. Here are a few…

How to choose an electric car charging station

As gas prices continue to rise and people look for more ways to reduce their environmental footprint, the popularity of electric vehicles increases. If you decide to purchase one, you may also want to install an at-home charging station so you can easily recharge your car’s battery. Fortunately, Confort Expert’s expert electricians offer this service…

Energy consultant

Take advantage of the Rénoclimat and Chauffez Vert programs

Everything you need to know about the Rénoclimat and Chauffez Vert programs Do you want to upgrade or install a new heat pump, air conditioner or furnace to save money on your energy bill? Did you know that you can apply for certain government grants to help you upgrade your HVAC equipment for less? As…

5 substances that affect the air quality in your home

On average, Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors. Did you know that many common airborne substances can cause a variety of health problems? Your health is important to us. That’s why the team at Confort Expert specializes in installing heating and cooling systems, as well as UV air purifiers for customers in Montreal and…

4 common air conditioner problems

If you have a wall or central air conditioner (or a heat pump in cooling mode) and want to learn about how to identify, prevent and fix some of the most common cooling problems, the experts at Confort Expert in Montreal have your back. We understand how important your air conditioner is during the hot…

5 benefits of preventive maintenance for your HVAC system

Your HVAC system requires regular care and maintenance to perform at its best. Plus, managing the upkeep of this appliance will help prevent unexpected breakdowns. At Confort Expert, we aim to ensure you have access to heating and cooling when you need it most. This is the main reason to be proactive when it comes…

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When should you replace your HVAC equipment?

Your HVAC system works hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year–round. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the signs that your heat pump, air conditioner or furnace is on its last legs. At Confort Expert in Montreal, we don’t want you to be caught off guard by the costs of investing in a new system. Rather, we want you to be prepared by recognizing when your HVAC equipment is starting to fail. 

sears - appliances

Is the warranty on my Sears HVAC product still valid?

In 2018, Sears Canada closed all of its stores. Did you purchase a product such as a household appliance and / or an air conditioning unit – heating from Sears and are now wondering if your extended warranty is still valid? Do you know what options you have if the product breaks?    The Confort Expert team in Montreal, your go-to specialist for air-conditioning, electric, natural gas and oil heating systems, can help you figure out what you to do. Here’s what you should know.  

3 Myths about natural gas debunked

Natural gas has many potential applications, but it’s primarily used for heating water and air. Indeed, natural gas water heater, boilers and gas furnaces can efficiently warm a home or business. At Confort Expert in Montreal and Gatineau, we sell, repair and install this type of equipment. Therefore, we know a lot about natural gas.…

Why do some people always feel hot and others always feel cold?

It’s a scenario that plays out in countless homes and workplaces: one person complains they feel too cold and another says they feel too hot. Meanwhile, the thermostat sits at a comfortable 21°C or 22°C. Indeed, some people are quick to crank up the heating while others have a tendency to turn on the air…

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