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Electric convectors and radiators


These heating appliances produce gentle, consistent heat. Convector systems are aesthetically pleasing, which means they blend in perfectly with all types of decor. More popular than ever, convectors are a comfortable, efficient, and safe heating solution.

At Confort Expert, we offer a selection of convectors for every room in your home. Quiet and efficient, these appliances can significantly reduce the amount of energy your consume, allowing you to reduce your electricity costs.

How Do They Work?

Like electric baseboards, convectors distribute heat via convection, the difference being that the hot hair is forced straight through the front instead of shooting up towards the ceiling. As a result, the room heats up more quickly and evenly.

Most convectors are equipped with a highly precise, integrated electric thermostat, which uses a sophisticated probe to detect the slightest variation in temperature. No matter how much heat manages to escape through an open door or window, the convector will adjust itself to ensure that the temperature indoors remains stable and comfortable.

Choosing a Convector

For an adequately insulated room, you’ll need 10 watts per square foot. In other words, a 100 square foot room will require a 1,000 watt convector.

Whether you decide to use them as your primary source of heating or as a backup system, convectors are ideal for every room in your home:

  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Solarium
  • Hallway
  • Front entrance
  • Next to a staircase or patio door

Here’s a tip: If your home has ten or more rooms, you should probably have a central heating system that runs either on electricity or gas. Energy efficient central systems really are better for larger homes.


At Confort Expert, we are one of very few heating and air conditioning companies with all of the permits required by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Our technical team will be more than happy to install your convectors and any other heating appliances you need to have installed, at your convenience, in accordance with current standards and regulations. We offer quality, courteous service.

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