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Oil heating system conversion

Thanks to our Canadian climate, oil heating has long been the perfect solution to heat our homes.

In recent years, the constant fluctuation of oil prices, combined with environmental problems, have led many consumers to opt for a gas or an electrical system. These environmentally-friendly heating modes, that also require less maintenance, can also help you receive a lower insurance premium.

It’s very simple when you are specialized! Our experts uninstall your old system and the oil tank, before disposing of them in an eco-friendly way. All that is left is to install the ideal heating system for you…

Here are some conversion possibilities:

From oil to electricity
Always very popular in Quebec where you can benefit from some Government grants! You must have an electrical input of 200 amps, or our master electricians can take care of it if necessary.


From oil to natural gas
It is the ideal solution to obtain a more environmentally-friendly energy and without hindrance. However, Énergir’s pipelines must be available in your area to connect to your home.

Although less common, it is also possible to convert gas to electricity and electricity to gas, as appropriate.

Whatever your needs, our specialists will help you to get a clearer picture!

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