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Buying and installing a heating or cooling appliance is an important investment. Our experts will travel to your home and will help you choose a system suited to your needs as well as a financing plan adapted to your budget.

You can now choose one of the below financing plans:

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Details and conditions
We offer financing plans for heat pumps, as well as for all heating and cooling systems:

  • No down payment is required
  • Each financing plan includes
    1. Purchase of all selected appliances
    2. Their installation
    3. Any complementary necessary work
  • 10-year warranty on parts and labor for the majority of heating and air-conditioning appliances

At Confort Expert, you receive:

  • New, interest-free, 36-month, 24-month or 12-month financing programs


  • A financing program at a competitive rate that can extend over several years (up to 5 years)

*All credit application is subject to institution approval after application analysis.

We accept the following credit cards:

Interest free Financing 36 months
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