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Advantages and Benefits of Wall Unit Cleaning

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Advantages and Benefits of Wall Unit Cleaning

If you have ever been a child, you have surely been told many times to wash your hands or take a bath. Indeed, from sticky hands and grimy faces to behind our ears and all the way down to our toes, everything had to be regularly washed. Did you know the same is true for your wall heating and cooling units? The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors at Confort Expert in Greater Montreal will explain why in this article about the advantages and benefits of wall unit cleaning.

Why Opt for Wall Unit Cleaning?

Air passes through wall units such as air conditioners and heat pumps in order to control the temperature in your home. However, the air is filled with micro dust that accumulates in the filter. Over time, this dust build-up can decrease the airflow and efficiency of your wall unit. It can also lead to fungus, bacteria, and mildew that is then blown into your home along with the heated or cooled air. This can aggravate, and even cause, health problems such as allergies and asthma.

No need to worry! In Greater Montreal, all this can be ameliorated with anti-fungal high-pressure cleaning performed by your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor. This type of wall unit cleaning will:

  • Extend the life of your unit: When your wall-mounted air conditioner or heat pump is clogged with dust, the unit must work harder than necessary to circulate air. This strain can shorten the life of your air unit and require costly repairs and/or replacements.
  • Reduce your energy costs: A clean wall unit will use up to 30% less energy than a dust-clogged one. This saves you money on your energy bill.
  •  Optimize your home’s air quality and health impact: When air circulates through a filter that has been cleaned by a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor rather than through one harbouring mould, mildew, or other pathogens, allergies, asthma, and other illnesses can be greatly improved.

Innovative Anti-fungal High-pressure Cleaning Solution in Greater Montreal

Some heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors, such as Confort Expert, offer a high-pressure wall-unit cleaning with an antifungal solution that will keep your home’s air clean and circulating efficiently. We offer this excellent, unit-saving service throughout Greater Montreal. Call us for more information or to book a cleaning service.


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