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What kind of maintenance does my air conditioner require?

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What kind of maintenance does my air conditioner require?

If you recently purchased a new air conditioner or are looking to get the one you already have back in optimal condition, you might be wondering what sort of maintenance your machine needs and how often it needs it. In this article, the team at Confort Expert gives you the information you need to ensure your air conditioner performs at its best.

Why is it important to perform maintenance on your air conditioner?
If you want to enjoy high-quality air conditioning for many years, maintenance is a must. It prevents various problems from arising, many of which are caused by the buildup of dirt and debris. A regularly maintained air conditioner will operate smoothly, be more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. Moreover, the air you breathe will be cleaner, as a properly maintained machine prevents the formation of mould and filters out bacteria and allergens.

What maintenance tasks need to be accomplished?
Before beginning any maintenance on your air conditioner, make sure to power it off and unplug it if applicable. Next, consult your owner’s manual to learn where the different components are and how to access them. The manual also provides maintenance instructions specific to your model.

In addition to cleaning the outside of your air conditioner periodically, you should get in the habit of checking on the condition of its filters and clean them about once a month. This applies regardless of whether you have a central or wall-mounted air conditioner. Dirty filters obstruct airflow and can cause allergens to enter into the air. If your filter is reusable, wash it with mild soap in warm water, then let it air-dry completely before putting it back in the machine. If you have a disposable filter, simply throw it away and replace it.

While cleaning or replacing the filters, take the opportunity to inspect the condensation drain line. You’ll be able to tell whether it’s in good condition. If it’s clogged or otherwise damaged, call in a professional to resolve the issue.

When is professional maintenance necessary?
In addition to performing regular maintenance, you should have a professional do a deep clean of your air conditioner every three to six years, no matter what model you own. They will ensure that your machine is watertight and that all of its components are in good condition. They’ll also remove any animal hair, dust or mould buildup in the unit and its pipes.

Do you need to have your air conditioner serviced, or are you looking for professional installation or repair services? The team at Confort Expert has the experience necessary to optimize your machine’s performance. Contact us today!


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