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Cleaning tips for the air ducts of your heating and ventilation system

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Cleaning tips for the air ducts of your heating and ventilation system

The cleanliness of your air ducts has a big impact on the air quality in your home. In this article, the team at Confort Expert gives you some tips for cleaning heating and ventilation air ducts.

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How often should you clean your air ducts?
For a forced-air heating system that’s connected to a furnace, the ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. The same goes for air exchanger ducts. By keeping your ducts free of dust and contaminants, you extend the lifespan of your appliance and improve the quality of the air you and your family are breathing.

However, note that you’ll need to clean your ducts more frequently if you have a large household, have pets, if anyone in your house smokes indoors or if you cook without a range hood. Moreover, ducts need to be thoroughly cleaned immediately after any large-scale home renovations.

Bathroom fans and range hoods don’t require the same level of maintenance. Simply clean their exterior coverings periodically. If your air ducts are kept clean, you shouldn’t experience any problems with these devices.

How do you clean the air ducts of forced-air heating systems?
For furnaces and similar types of heating systems, pay particular attention to the return ducts, as that’s where most of the dust and debris collects. Remove the grills and clean the surfaces you can reach the area by using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Since you only can only reach so far into the duct, this will only amount to a partial cleaning. For a thorough cleaning of your return and supply ducts, it’s recommended that you use professional duct cleaning services. At Confort Expert, we can quote you a price based on the number of return and supply vents in your home. During the same appointment, you can have your air conditioner’s evaporator coil and your furnace fan cleaned.

If you’ve recently had renovation work done or if water has seeped into your ductwork, don’t wait to call in a technician to have your ducts cleaned.

How do you clean ventilation ducts?
Air exchangers and heat recovery ventilation (HRV) units need to be cleaned by qualified technicians. Note that if the flexible ductwork is poorly installed, cleaning isn’t the right option: the ductwork will instead need to be replaced.

If you live in Montreal, the South Shore (Montérégie) or the North Shore (Laval, Lanaudière, the Laurentians), trust Confort Expert with all your heating and air conditioning needs. Do you need advice about cleaning the air ducts of your furnace or air exchanger? Then get in touch with us today!


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