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The Chauffez Vert program: swap out your heating system or water heater

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The Chauffez Vert program: swap out your heating system or water heater

Do you have an outdated heating system or a gas-powered water heater? It could be time to replace it with a modern electric model. At Confort Expert, we encourage our customers to favour high efficiency and eco-friendly heating and cooling systems. What’s more, the Government of Quebec’s Chauffez Vert program has the same aim. Keep reading to find out how this program can help you make the transition to a new — and greener! — heating system or water heater.

What’s the Chauffez Vert program?
Through the Chauffez Vert program, you receive financial assistance when you decide to replace your gas-fueled heating system or water heater with a greener product. The new device must run on electricity or another renewable source of energy, such as geothermal, wind or solar energy.

The replacement process entails several steps: your current appliance has to be dismantled, the tank removed and the new system installed by a contractor who’s properly licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. This ensures that your system is disposed of in a responsible manner.

The Chauffez Vert program will be offered until March 31, 2020.

Am I eligible to take part in the Chauffez Vert program?
To take part in the program, your gas-powered water heater has to be your principal source of heating (you can provide evidence of this with your utility bills). If you’re looking to convert an oil heating system to an electrical system, it has to be powered by a fossil fuel such oil or propane (natural gas doesn’t count). The process has to involve removing the old system and replacing it with a new one.

What are the advantages of making the switch?
Your new heating system or water heater will be more efficient, which will decrease energy usage in your home and lower your heating bills. Moreover, as it uses a cleaner energy source, it will decrease your carbon footprint and potentially earn you a reduction in your insurance premium. If you choose an electrically powered system, it will require less maintenance and make your energy costs more stable (the price of electricity tends to vary less than that of fossil fuels).

Are you in a position to benefit from the Chauffez Vert program? At Confort Expert, our qualified technicians are available to replace your heating system or water heater. And we provide a number of other heating and cooling services too, including installing heat pumps and wall air conditioners. Contact us today to book an appointment or get a free estimate!


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