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Need a durable heating system? Choose our quality furnaces!

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Need a durable heating system? Choose our quality furnaces!

At Confort Expert, our name says it all: your comfort is our priority! That’s why we offer a wide range of efficient and rugged furnaces that will heat your home efficiently. Whether they are fueled with natural gas, oil, electricity or dual-energy, our appliances will charm you with their incomparable energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about our premium products!

How does a furnace work?

Furnaces are heat-generating appliances. They capture the ambient air, heat it and redistribute it across all rooms of a property through a fan and a duct system. This way of functioning allows for a fast and constant heating, in addition to being particularly effective in homes that have many rooms.

Four types of furnaces for optimal comfort

We offer 4 types of furnaces from the best brands on the market.

  1. Electric furnaces: These variable-speed, quiet furnaces ensure performance and comfort. They are the most interesting option for individuals who want to reduce their ecological footprint. We offer Amana, Lennox, Stelpro and York electric furnaces.
  2. Natural gas furnaces: Natural gas furnaces heat your home evenly by providing consistent heat. They are quiet, offer superior energy efficiency and allow you to reduce your heating costs. We trust Amana, Lennox and York natural gas furnaces.
  1. Oil furnaces: Oil furnaces are affordable and heat your home quickly. They become even more efficient when used in dual-energy mode with a heat pump. At Expert Expert, we offer Dettson and Granby Industries oil furnaces.
  1. Dual energy furnaces: Our dual energy Dettson furnace allows you to choose the energy source you need, whether electricity or oil. By opting for this type of furnace, you will benefit from the Hydro-Québec DT rate.

Confort Expert is your heating reference in the greater Montreal area

Whatever type of appliance you prefer, you make a durable choice! Indeed, all our furnaces have a lifespan of approximately 20 years and are guaranteed 10 years for parts and labour.

Whether you are looking for an electric, oil, natural gas or dual-energy furnace in Montreal or Laval, know that our team of qualified professionals will be happy to help you make the right choice. Contact us!


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