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Why use a professional for the purchase of an air conditioning system?

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Why use a professional for the purchase of an air conditioning system?

You think you’re making a good deal by buying an air conditioning system at a department store? Be careful! You could end up with an appliance that doesn’t really meet your needs. Before going shopping for an air conditioner, read the below information!

Buying an air conditioner from a specialist can save you time and money!

Purchasing an air conditioning system is an important investment, and you probably don’t want to waste your money! Are you thinking of buying an air conditioner at a department store? Ask yourself these 3 questions first:

    1. Will you recognize the product that will provide the best performance for your home?
    2. Will you be able to determine and select the air conditioner’s technical details (power, energy efficiency, noise level, control devices …) to obtain the comfort you are looking for?
    3. Will you be able to install your air conditioning system according to industry standards so that it is as efficient, reliable and durable as possible, and that it does not affect your peace of mind (or that of your neighbours!)?

You’re not sure? By doing business with an air conditioning professional, not only will a specialist help you choose the unit – whether a wall-mounted or central air conditioning system – that will meet your home’s requirements, but qualified technicians will also install it according to all applicable norms and regulations, and will guarantee you receive an incomparable after-sale services. This way, you will not waste your time visiting multiple stores, or your money by buying a product that is not adapted to your needs!

Buying an air conditioner from an expert offers advantageous financing and protection plan!

When you do business with a company specializing in air conditioning, you get benefits that you would not necessarily receive with in-store purchase, such as:

      • Financing adapted to your budget
      • A protection plan that ensures your peace of mind.

To simplify your life, we offer 36 months, interest-free financing or a competitive rate financing program that can last for up to 5 years. In addition, you can join our protection plan, which allows you to be treated in priority in case of a system failure.

Take advantage of our free, at-home estimate!

At Confort Expert, our representatives travel to your home (Montreal, Laval, South Shore, North Shore) to offer advice on air conditioning, as well as a free estimate, without any obligation on your part. You are looking for an air conditioner at a good value? Contact us today!


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