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A guide to converting your oil-fired heating system to an electric or gas system

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A guide to converting your oil-fired heating system to an electric or gas system

2024 UPDATE – Do you currently use oil to heat your home? Are you thinking of upgrading to an electric or natural gas system? At Confort Expert in Montreal, our team is trained to meet your air conditioning and heating needs. Here’s what you should know about natural gas and electric heating system conversions.

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How does it work?

If you want to upgrade your outdated appliance or simply switch to a more environmentally friendly solution, all it takes is a visit from Confort Expert. A member of our team can come to your home and uninstall your old boiler or furnace as well as your oil tank and replace it with a new system. They’ll also remove your appliances and dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner.

If you want to convert to an electric heating system, you must ensure that your home has a 200-amp electrical service. In fact, many homes only have a 100- or 150-amp service because oil heating systems require less electricity. If you don’t have enough amperage, do not worry, one of our expert electricians can quickly make the necessary upgrades.

Converting to natural gas

You should know that it is no longer possible to replace one fossil fuel heating system with another. This means that replacing an oil system with a natural gas (or propane) system is no longer permitted in Quebec.

The benefits of using electric heat

There are many advantages to converting from an oil heating system to an electric one. Here are five good reasons to upgrade your current setup.

  1. You’ll reduce your environmental impact. Electric heat is more environmentally friendly than oil heat because it produces fewer carbon emissions. In addition, you don’t have to worry about electric furnaces leaking and causing environmental damage.
  2. You’ll save money.Electric heating systems cost between 30 and 40 per cent less than oil heating systems. You’ll also save money on maintenance because electric systems only need to be serviced once every three years. In fact, conversion costs will pay for themselves in a relatively short time; à table comparing costs is available on the Chauffez-Vert website.
  3. You’ll free up extra space. Electric furnaces take up less room than oil heaters, allowing you to free up extra storage space.
  4. You’ll increase the resale value of your home. Converting to an electric heating system can increase the resale value of your home as this type of appliance is appealing to potential buyers.
  5. You won’t have to schedule deliveries. If you switch to an electric heating system, you don’t have to worry about scheduling oil tank deliveries.

What grants are available for converting to an electric heating system?

There are several grants and rebates available to encourage homeowners to switch to a more efficient and environmentally friendly heating system. For example, when you switch from an oil-fired heater to an electric furnace, you can qualify for up to $1275 in financial assistance through the Chauffez Vert program. Your city or municipality might also have specific incentives, check them out!

At Confort Expert, our team has the knowledge and experience to convert your oil heating system to an electric system. We service customers throughout Montreal and the surrounding areas. Contact us to find out more about our services and the Chauffez Vert program.


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