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Fall maintenance: get your heat pump ready for winter

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Fall maintenance: get your heat pump ready for winter

If you want your heat pump to perform optimally for years to come, preventative maintenance is a must. At Confort Expert, we specialize in installing and repairing heating systems and we want to help you keep your machine in top shape. Here are some tips for effectively maintaining your heat pump this fall.

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Safety precautions

Before handling your heat pump, it’s very important that you turn it off. Generally, there will be a power switch near the device.


Visual check

Check the condition of the filters and ventilation ducts inside your home. If the latter are clogged with dirt, call in a professional to have them thoroughly cleaned.

Turn your attention to the exterior unit. Ensure that the coil inside the heat pump is clean and that the space around the machine is clear. During winter, inspect your heat pump periodically and be attentive to any abnormal sounds.



After disconnecting the power, remove the heat pump’s protective cover. Then, using a spray gun, wash the coil, moving from the inside to the outside of the machine. Don’t use any cleaning tools for this task, as the coil is easily damaged. Moreover, avoid touching the cables and the other parts (especially the compressor) as much as possible.

Air duct filters need to be cleaned and replaced every month according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you find there’s an abnormal amount of dust in your home, perform this task more frequently. Your diligence in cleaning your heat pump is essential to extending its lifespan, increasing its energy efficiency and improving the air quality in your home.



Inspect the air vents inside your home. Ensure that they aren’t blocked by furniture, curtains or other objects.

If snow or ice collect on the heat pump during winter, use hot water instead of a scraper or another tool to remove it. Otherwise, you risk breaking the components.


Professional services

If you’re at all unsure about your heat pump’s performance and want to have your device looked at by a professional, call in a certified HVAC technician.

Confort Expert can help you stay toasty this winter. For heat pump installation and repairs in Montreal and the surrounding area, contact our team.


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