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3 Myths about natural gas debunked

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3 Myths about natural gas debunked

Natural Gas

Natural gas has many potential applications, but it’s primarily used for heating water and air. Indeed, natural gas water heater, boilers and gas furnaces can efficiently warm a home or business. At Confort Expert in Montreal and Gatineau, we sell, repair and install this type of equipment. Therefore, we know a lot about natural gas. In this article, our energy consultants debunk three common myths about this energy source.


1. Natural gas can ignite at any time

Many people mistakenly believe that natural gas can ignite at the slightest spark. In reality, it’s much less flammable than gasoline. In fact, its concentration in the air must be 5% to 15% for it to catch fire. Furthermore, there must be a source of ignition nearby.


2. Natural gas is toxic

The rotten egg smell of natural gas doesn’t mean it’s harmful. In fact, it’s naturally colourless, tasteless and odourless. Mercaptan, which has a foul odour, is added to the natural gas to make it easier to detect. This odour can be detected if natural gas accumulates in the air (less than 1% concentration is enough) and indicates there may be a problem. However, it’s not the natural gas itself that’s responsible, for the trouble but the lack of oxygen in the air. In case of a leak, it’s therefore important to ventilate the area.


3. Natural gas harms the environment

Many people believe that burning natural gas emits as many greenhouse gases as oil or coal. However, this simply isn’t true as it emits much less.
Natural gas is methane. Leaks in the mains supply exist, but not necessarily when gas is burned. In fact, its molecular composition makes it impossible for it to be mixed with soil or water.


At Confort Expert, we’re the reference in greater Montreal for heating and air conditioning, regardless of the type of energy used. Our specialists can handle the repair and installation of all heat pumps, boilers and natural gas furnaces. Contact us today to learn more about heating and cooling options.


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