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What to do if your heat pump is blowing foul-smelling air?

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What to do if your heat pump is blowing foul-smelling air?

Is there an unpleasant smell coming from your heat pump? The specialists in heat pump heating and air conditioning systems at Confort Expert have prepared this blog article to help you get to the bottom of the issue and banish the stench.

Are you sure it’s the heat pump?
First, you should check to make sure that the smell is coming from your heat pump and not from somewhere else. Examine the rooms of your home to zero in on the source of the smell. In particular, make sure that the smell isn’t coming from outside.

Has the heat pump gone unused for a while?
If you haven’t used your central or wall-mounted heat pump for some time, simply cleaning the appliance may solve the problem. While you’re at it, ensure that no water has collected inside the heat pump, as standing water gives off a foul odour. It’s also wise to turn off the unit’s fan for several hours to ensure that the interior is dry.

Are the filters clean?
Filters that are covered in dust and mould inevitably reek. Ideally, you should clean or replace your heat pump’s filters every month. If you wash them, ensure that they’re completely dry before putting them back in place.

Is the drain clean?
If the drain is obstructed or backed up, then you may have found the cause of the foul smell. Sometimes debris such as leaves can get stuck inside a drain. It’s also possible for small animals such as mice to find their way in and become trapped. Alternatively, water could be backing up due to a poorly fitting joint. If you’re handy, you may be able to fix these issues yourself. Otherwise, call in a professional to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Does the heat pump need to be serviced?
As a result of the condenser’s activity, water droplets can build up near the vent inside the heat pump. Over the years, this water can turn into mould, which never smells pleasant. To avoid this problem, we advise that you have your heat pump professionally serviced every four years or so.

Still not sure what’s causing the stench? Or are you looking to have your heat pump professionally serviced? Confort Expert is your go-to resource for heat pump and air conditioner installation and repair in Montreal, Laval and on the South Shore. Contact us today!


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