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Why you should invest in a protection plan for your heating and cooling appliances

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Why you should invest in a protection plan for your heating and cooling appliances

If you own any kind of HVAC equipment like a central heat pump, an electric furnace or an air exchanger, it’s highly recommended to have a protection plan for it. As your trusted heating, air conditioning and ventilation contractor for over 30 years in Greater Montreal, the team at Confort Expert would like to share with you some of the benefits that come with investing in such a plan.

Technician repairing a ventilation unit

You can stay safe

Your HVAC equipment is essential to your comfort and safety. For one, it helps improve your indoor air quality. However, it’s easy to forget just how important it is until the day your furnace refuses to start when a bitterly cold wind is raging outside. It’s at a critical moment like this that a protection plan can come in handy.
When you sign up for a Confort Expert protection plan, you can rest easy knowing that a technician will be on site the same day to repair the equipment, no matter what time it is. Bear in mind that Quebec often has extreme temperature variations. Therefore, when you subscribe to one of our protection plans, you’ll be safe, whether an appliance breaks down during the bitter cold of January or the scorching heat of July.

You can easily manage your budget

Even the best HVAC equipment will eventually require maintenance and repair. The cost of labour and replacement parts can be expensive and wreak havoc on your personal finances.
To avoid unnecessary stress, choose a protection plan with affordable, easy-to-budget monthly payments that will provide you with the coverage you need (up to $1,000) to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. What’s more, you won’t have to pay a deductible.

You can save big and get the most out of your equipment

Many of the protection plans we offer at Confort Expert also include an annual tune-up. This ensures that your appliances are running at peak performance and that air can circulate efficiently throughout your home. As a result, you enjoy the comfort you’re looking for all year round.
Moreover, keeping your HVAC equipment running at peak efficiency means that it will last longer. You’ll also save energy because, when your units are properly maintained, they use less energy. Your wallet will thank you twice over!

You can enjoy peace of mind

When you subscribe to a protection plan that includes preventive maintenance, you can also give yourself peace of mind. Not only will you prevent breakdowns at the worst possible time, but also water and gas leaks, short-circuits and more. Additionally, in an emergency, your call will be prioritized. You’ll be bumped ahead of customers who don’t have a protection plan, so you can return to comfort in no time.

Are you looking for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor in the Greater Montreal, Gatineau or the surrounding areas? Look no further than Confort Expert. From central heat pumps and electric furnaces to air conditioners, gas boilers, air exchangers and a host of other HVAC equipment, our team offers the products and services you need for a comfortable and safe living environment.


To find out more about our protection plans, contact our Montreal office. We’d be happy to provide advice and offer you a plan tailored to your needs.


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