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What are the different heating grants available in Quebec in 2023?

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What are the different heating grants available in Quebec in 2023?

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Did you know that Quebec offers home heating grants?

You can apply for various grants to offset the cost of replacing or retrofitting your outdated heating appliances to reduce your energy consumption and minimize your carbon footprint.

Although a grant sounds attractive, many people ask themselves the same questions:

  • Am I eligible?
  • Are the grants hard to get?
  • Can I apply for more than one grant?

The team at Confort Expert knows all about the government grants related to heating available to Quebec homeowners to help them upgrade or install their heating systems. Here’s an overview of the main options available.

To quickly sift through the various grants, you must first determine your needs.

  • Want to convert your oil-fired heating system to an electric one?

Refer to section  1- Chauffez Vert

  • Would you like to add or replace a central or wall-mounted heat pump?

Refer to sections 2- Hydro-Québec grant for efficient heat pumps or 3- Canadian grant for greener homes.

  • Do you have a natural gas heating system?

A generous grant is offered jointly by the provincial government (MERN), Hydro Québec and Energir.

Refer to section 4- Electricity-natural gas bi-energy grant

  • If you plan to carry out additional work on your heating system (e.g.: patio doors, insulation, etc.), you can take advantage of the 5- Réno Climat program.

Does your current natural gas heating system work? You may be able to apply for a generous grant when you purchase a dual-energy heating system, even if you keep your current system. Moreover, the offer increases if you upgrade your gas appliance.

Refer to section 3- Dual-energy electricity-natural gas grant

1 – Chauffez Vert

This government grant is intended for home and building owners in Quebec who want to switch from an oil-fired heating system or water heater to one powered by a renewable energy source such as electricity.

Conversion component

Depending on the case, the amount granted under Chauffez vert can be up to $1,275 for a heating system, and $250 for a water heater.

Note that some municipalities also offer their own programs to encourage conversions.

For more details, visit our Grants page category Chauffez vert

2 – Hydro Québec grant for efficient heat pumps

This program gives you a financial incentive to purchase an eligible heat pump.

The amount of the rebate, up to $50.00 or $120.00 per thousand BTU of heating at -8°C, varies according to the unit’s low-temperature efficiency.

Hydro Québec’s Logisvert program is also an option: it has more generous offers but requires additional insulation work.

Quick and easy, no blower door test required.

For more details, consult our Grants page category Hydro Quebec

3 – Canada Greener Homes Grant

This federal grant encourages Canadians to make their homes more energy efficient. It provides the largest rebate on heat pumps (between $2,500 and $5,000) but also has the most stringent eligibility requirement. For example, you must get a blower door test through the Rénoclimat program.

On top of the discount, you can apply for INTEREST-FREE financing for up to 10 YEARS.

More information about Canada Greener Homes Grant

4 – Dual-energy grant for electricity and natural gas

Is your current system working very well? This generous grant is available when you purchase a dual-energy heating system, even if you keep your current appliance! However, the offer is topped up if you also need to replace your gas furnace.

For a forced-air system, the solution is simply to add an eligible heat pump, whereas for a hot-water system, we need to add an electric boiler to the existing system.

You’ll then be able to use electricity as your main source of energy, and natural gas as a backup source of heat during the coldest weather – a period when electricity demand “explodes”!

In addition to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions, this solution provides you with all the energy you need at the lowest possible cost, thanks to Hydro-Québec’s dual-energy rate.


Find out more: the dual-energy electricity-natural gas grant could be just what you’re looking for!


For more details, consult our Dual energy section on our Grants Page


5 – Rénoclimat

This program allows you to obtain a grant when purchasing an eligible heat pump. You can save up to $50 per thousand BTUs of heating at -8 C.

Please note: to be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you must register for the Rénoclimat program.

More information about Rénoclimat

Finally, to qualify for one or more of the governments grants available in Quebec, the work must be completed by a fully licensed professional – like the team at Confort Expert. To find out more, contact us today.


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