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What you need to know about service plans and warranties when purchasing a heating or air conditioning system

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What you need to know about service plans and warranties when purchasing a heating or air conditioning system

If you’re in the market for a furnace, a heat pump, or an air conditioning unit, whether it’s for a central or wall-mounted system, you may already be familiar with the many factors that go into choosing a make and model of appliance. These include the volume of the area to be heated, the efficiency of the electric boiler, and the cost and ease of maintenance. There is another factor, however, that may not only affect the make and model of the electric boiler that you choose but also the vendor from whom you purchase it. This factor is the type of service plan and warranty available.


All reputable manufacturers offer a warranty on their products. However, these warranties are often limited to the replacement of parts; Labor is normally covered for a minimum of one year by the retailer, but there are limits to this too.

Warranty limitations

Manufacturers’ warranties never cover everything 100%! The most frequent exclusions to a basic warranty are labor costs, diagnostic costs (the visit required to diagnose the problem) and appliance maintenance. Unfortunately, customers only learn about these costs when a repair is necessary…

At Confort Expert, you’re made aware of these warranty limitations from the day of purchase, and of the existence of plans to avoid frustration later on.

# Did you know that a manufacturer may refuse to reimburse a part under warranty if it is proven that the part was damaged as a result of poor maintenance?

Tranquility Plans and Service Plans

While regular maintenance will keep your appliances running in top condition and can help prove proper usage when making a warranty claim, they are not generally covered by a manufacturer. Plans are available to cover this problem (offering scheduled maintenance and covering diagnostic costs) when the device is still covered by the labor warranty, or a service plan when the device no longer has all its basic warranties. , you can be sure to compare equivalent warranties and service plans when shopping for heating systems in the Greater Montreal area.

Common Components of Service Plans

Since service plans vary from vendor to vendor, it is important to inquire about the components of any plan being offered to you so that you can make an informed comparison when pricing out any appliances. Common elements of a service plan include:

• parts and labor
• service calls
• phone assistance
• tune-ups for 1, 2, or 3 years
• credit towards machine replace if required

Service Plans and Warranties Go Together

At Confort Expert, we honour all manufacturer warranties and clearly outline the various service plans that we offer to help you make your choice when shopping for a new heating or cooling system. We offer a free tranquility plan for the first year following the purchase of new equipment with us. Not only does this mean no travel or diagnostic costs in the event of a problem, it also means you benefit from 3-year maintenance. Our service plans are affordable monthly payments that prevent unexpected repair costs and offer peace of mind. Our plans require no pre-inspection and have no deductibles to pay. We also offer unlimited service calls and 24/7 telephone support.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to compare apples to apples as you search for the best electric boiler dealer for you in Greater Montreal.


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