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What are the different types of filters for ventilation systems?

An installer replacing a filter

Your ventilation system must be equipped with the appropriate air filter to work properly and effectively clean the air in your home. The filter captures airborne particles, such as dust, fireplace or cigarette smoke, pet dander and cooking traces. At Confort Expert in Montreal, our team is often called on to install air exchangers. That’s…

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What are the different heating grants available in Quebec in 2022?

Photo d’un Thermostat

Did you know that Quebec offers home heating grants? You can apply for various grants to offset the cost of replacing or retrofitting your outdated heating appliances to reduce your energy consumption and minimize your carbon footprint. Although a grant sounds attractive, many people ask themselves the same questions: Am I eligible? Are the grants…

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Google reviews: essential to maximize business visibility and success

Personne laissant un avis sur google

Reading Google reviews: an excellent way to find reliable companies Are you looking for a company specializing in a specific field? At Confort Expert, we specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for customers in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Our team strongly believes in the importance of reading…

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Heat pump selection, installation and maintenance

Photo of a heat pump in a yard

Do you want to improve your comfort by buying a central or wall-mounted heat pump? These innovative units effectively keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Fortunately, the team at Confort Expert in Montreal has compiled pertinent information on choosing, installing and maintaining your future heat pump. Selection There are…

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High-pressure wall unit cleaning: what you need to know.

Photo d’une personne nettoyant un thermopompe

Do you have a wall-mounted air conditioner or heat pump in your home? If so, it’s important to periodically remove built-up dirt and debris to ensure it continues to work as intended. Fortunately, the team at Confort Expert offers specialized cleaning services for wall-mounted air conditioners and heat pumps for customers throughout Montreal. Here’s why…

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Working under the table: a false economy

Photo of two people exchanging an envelope

You want to save money, so it’s normal to want to economize on property upgrades. But beware if a contractor offers to trim your costs by providing service for cash-only payment. At Confort Expert in Montreal, we want to outline the risks of engaging electrical services of contractors who work under the table. Whether they’re…

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3 good reasons to make your home smart

Photo d’une personne contrôlant sa maison sur sa tablette

Smart homes are equipped with innovative products, like smart locks, thermostats and lights that allow you to remotely control features in your home. At Confort Expert, we install high-performance home automation systems in Montreal through our subsidiary Domoklic. Are you unsure if a smart home is right for you? Here are three good reasons to…

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Humidifiers: 4 mistakes to avoid

Photo of a humidifier in action

Is the air in your home particularly dry? Are you looking for a humidifier to improve your comfort? If so, there are several elements to consider. First, you should know that there are two main kinds of humidifiers: portable and central. Central humidifiers connect directly to your home’s air duct system. As a contractor specializing…

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