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Factors to consider when choosing a heat pump

heating system repair technician

Many homeowners rely on heat pumps to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At Confort Expert, we install heating and air conditioning systems, including central and wall-mounted heat pumps, in Greater Montreal. In this article, we give an overview of the various factors to consider when shopping for a heat pump.…

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The advantages of converting from gas to electric heating

Electrical baseboard

Hydroelectricity is a clean, renewable and affordable form of energy. At Confort Expert, we encourage our clients in Montreal and the surrounding areas to convert their natural gas heating system to one that runs on electricity. In this article, we share some of the advantages of having an electric heating system. It’s eco-friendly. With an…

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How does poor air quality affect your health?

When you hear the term “air pollution,” you may associate it with smog in city centres. However, the air quality inside homes and buildings can be just as toxic. Our team of specialists at Confort Expert can tell you this firsthand. We’ve installed countless heat pumps, air conditioners, electric baseboards, gas furnaces and other heating…

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The role of UV rays in fighting the coronavirus

installation technician

If you’re staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, then it’s important to ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean. Confort Expert offers air purifiers with UV lamps that help eliminate microbes and other contaminants from the air. Keep reading to learn more about this technology. The power of UV rays The term…

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Repair services during the COVID-19 pandemic: 4 ways you can protect your family and our employees during a Confort Expert service call

services technician

At Confort Expert, as residential air conditioning and heating contractors, we’re continuing to provide an essential service during the COVID-19 lockdown. To do so, we’ve implemented a number of sanitary measures in accordance with government recommendations. By taking precautions, we hope to ensure the safety of our employees and our valued customers. If one of…

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Confort Expert is proud to partner up with AIR MILES®

home automation technician

Confort Expert is thrilled to announce that it’s teaming up with the AIR MILES® Reward Program. This partnership, which took effect at the beginning of September 2019, offers our customers a number of benefits. Easy financing plans: another great reason to choose Confort Expert In addition to providing you with financing plans for the purchase…

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Fall maintenance: get your heat pump ready for winter

heat pump technician

If you want your heat pump to perform optimally for years to come, preventative maintenance is a must. At Confort Expert, we specialize in installing and repairing heating systems and we want to help you keep your machine in top shape. Here are some tips for effectively maintaining your heat pump this fall. Safety precautions…

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