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Wall mounted heat pumps

Wall-mounted heat pumps: the risks of having your device poorly installed

Have you finally had enough of sweating buckets on sweltering days and decided it’s time to buy a wall-mounted heat pump? As experts in heating and air conditioning systems in Montreal, the team at Confort Expert knows just how important it is to have your wall-mounted air conditioning unit installed by a professional. In this…

installation technician

The role of UV rays in fighting the coronavirus

If you’re staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, then it’s important to ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean. Confort Expert offers air purifiers with UV lamps that help eliminate microbes and other contaminants from the air. Keep reading to learn more about this technology. The power of UV rays The term…

services technician

Repair services during the COVID-19 pandemic: 4 ways you can protect your family and our employees during a Confort Expert service call

At Confort Expert, as residential air conditioning and heating contractors, we’re continuing to provide an essential service during the COVID-19 lockdown. To do so, we’ve implemented a number of sanitary measures in accordance with government recommendations. By taking precautions, we hope to ensure the safety of our employees and our valued customers. If one of…

financing technician

On a tight budget? Explore our financing options!

Do you want to buy a new heating or cooling system but don’t have the funds on hand to pay the full price? At Confort Expert, we offer customized financing so that you can make your purchase without experiencing financial strain. In this article, we give you an overview of our excellent financing options. Financial…


A guide to Wi-Fi thermostats

Do you need new thermostats for your home? Consider a smart thermostat that can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. As experts in residential heating and air conditioning, the team at Confort Expert want to help you determine whether a Wi-Fi thermostat is right for your household. How do smart thermostats differ from traditional models? Smart…

electric furnace

Electric baseboards or electric furnace: which heating system is right for you?

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, you’ll need to  consider what type of heating you should install. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient electric heating system, you have a couple options to choose from: electric baseboards or an electric furnace. In this article, the pros at Confort Expert outline the…

air exchanger technician

Improve your home’s air quality with an air exchanger and air purifier

Two common causes of air quality issues in modern homes are airborne contaminants and excessive humidity. At Confort Expert, we carry and install air exchangers and air purifiers, which largely eliminate indoor biological contaminants (mould, pollen, bacteria and dust mites) and chemical contaminants (carbon monoxide, ozone and dust). In this article, we discuss how these systems improve…

electrical work technician

A guide to converting your oil-fired heating system to an electric or gas system

2024 UPDATE – Do you currently use oil to heat your home? Are you thinking of upgrading to an electric or natural gas system? At Confort Expert in Montreal, our team is trained to meet your air conditioning and heating needs. Here’s what you should know about natural gas and electric heating system conversions. How does it…

protection plan technician

Cleaning tips for the air ducts of your heating and ventilation system

The cleanliness of your air ducts has a big impact on the air quality in your home. In this article, the team at Confort Expert gives you some tips for cleaning heating and ventilation air ducts. How often should you clean your air ducts? For a forced-air heating system that’s connected to a furnace, the…

home automation technician

Confort Expert is proud to partner up with AIR MILES®

Confort Expert is thrilled to announce that it’s teaming up with the AIR MILES® Reward Program. This partnership, which took effect at the beginning of September 2019, offers our customers a number of benefits. Easy financing plans: another great reason to choose Confort Expert In addition to providing you with financing plans for the purchase…



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